I received a B.A. in Art History and Criticism from Florida State University, which heavily informs my creative practice. I have been practicing photography for over ten years, first as an amateur, then a professional, only to come full circle as an amateur again. It will always be my first and forever love, and I still use photography to capture the beauty of the experiences, people, and environments around me.

Photography led me to graphic design, and I began my journey as a designer in 2016. Design feeds my sense of purpose, and I believe design has endless power to connect, transform, and communicate. For me, good design is bold, balanced, and accessible, with an element of the unexpected. My design heaven is anything to do with publications/editorial design, typography, and visual identities.

Most recently, I served as the director of FSU Student Publications, where I led a team of student designers and photographers in servicing the design, print, and photography needs of over a hundred recognized student organizations. My home base is Florida with my husband and our cat-child, but I am currently on a very long road trip to explore new cities and opportunities. When I'm not creating things, I’m usually hanging out with loved ones, plants, or big art books. I have many creative patron saints, including Frida, Bob Ross, Monty DonJenny Holzer, Stephen Powers, Superflux, and Tina Roth Eisenberg. I also need Italian food and cozy sweaters to survive.


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I'm a senior level designer who specializes visual identity systems and editorial design. My background in photography, marketing, and brand strategy help me support the kind of purpose-driven work I feel passionate about. 

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